Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

We had our annual Hardman family Lake Powell trip. This year we had a lot of fun people but my mom didn't come and we missed her desperately! We got there Wednesday and headed right to the beach! The girls were in heaven. Derek and his girlfriend and a couple of other friends were there when we got there and Tyler and a couple of his friends came down that night. Also a family that we basically consider family the Babcock's came. Liz and Mike and their kids Ethan, Sam and Mia and her friend Mia came and made the trip so much fun! We always love Powell and this trip we no exception. We surfed a lot, I got a few good skii's in and we had several bonfire's which is always my favorite. Lydia went down the slide twice with Uncle Derek and both my kids rode on the tubes. So much fun and we already can't wait to go back down in October:)

 So glad that my dad was willing to take the houseboat to the beach, my kids were in heaven and obviously Chris was too:)

 Mia Thurber and Mia Babcock...they were so cute with Lydia she wanted to be with them all the time and they were so nice to include her! 
 Ethan, he just graduated and will be going on his mission (him and Audrey have the same birthday) which is weird because I can remember when he was born...time goes way too fast. He is such a nice kid, he will be a great missionary! 
 Little sand monster
 Lydia was sort of known for her wedgie's...ha ha ha! 
 Yup still loving the sand

 The NBA semi-finals and a soccer tournament were on so A LOT of time was spent trying to get the satellite working:)
 Our little family
 Mia and Mia 
 The View
The boat...we love this boat! 
Thanks mom and dad for another fun trip. 
Also there were a lot of podoroso miracles on this trip...ha ha ha! 

Hardman Park City Trip!

My parents have a condo at the Mountainside Marriott at Park City. We usually have it over UEA but for some reason my parents had it over memorial day weekend and we took advantage! We went up and had a BBQ and hit up the alpine slide. Lydia screamed the whole time..."this is the funnest ride I have ever gone on, waaaahhhhooooo!!!!!"

 Riding the slowest ski lift EVER
 we hadn't been on the alpine slide since before we were was fun! 
 Liddy and Daddy getting ready for the big slide
SO fun! 

Lydia's Dance Performance!

Lydia was so stinking cute this year and talked about dancing on the big stage for months before the actual recital. Her song was to "Twist and Shout" all the songs were from movies and her's was one of my favorite's "Ferris Bueller's Day off" She was so cute and had such a big smile on her face. I love seeing her enjoy dance and have fun, I love seeing her up on that stage as much as she loves being up there!

 Posing before the recital...what a cutie (she always has to hit a pose, I don't tell her to do that...ha ha ha!) 
 One of her favorite parts of performing is getting to wear make-up! 
That is a pose we see pretty regularly!  
 Audrey had definitely had it and the recital hadn't even started yet (ha ha ha!) 
 Lydia's cute cousin Raini came to watch and Lydia loved having her there
 Some action dance shots of the little miss
 twisting and shouting:)

 The final dance this year was was so stinking cool and so fun to watch! 
 Can't wait to see this little munchkin up on the stage this year:) 
Love my "tiny dancer" 

Preschool Graduation

Lydia had her 1st year preschool graduation. 
 We adore Miss Angie, she is so great with the kids and Lydia absolutely adores her and loves preschool. We are lucky to know her and we are a little obsessed with her family! 
 Hi mom and dad! 
 She wants to be just like her big sis!
 Lydia mid-air...that girl is always moving! 
 Lydia loves to sing...our favorite thing to do in the car is to listen to her sing all her songs! 
 Hanging out while we watched the pre-school video her teacher is so cute she makes them all a dvd with pictures from the year. I wanted to cry and she still has one more year (ha ha ha!) 
 Going to get her certificate and other goodies! 
 So fun
 Don't you love the cap's...ha ha ha! 

Teddy Bear Tea Party

For Preschool Miss Angie hosted a "Teddy Bear Tea Party" for the kids at the park. They got to decorate cookies, and then did awards for the year. It was so fun, and so cute! 

 Liddy with her teddy bear "Ella" 
 Miss Angie getting ready to give out awards! 

Lydia got the "Best Imagination" fitting for my little bug! 

This is my favorite pic of her holding on to grandpa's finger

Baby Girl

Baby Girl
This is our baby girl at 16 weeks. It was such an amazing thing to see her moving and count all of her fingers and toes for the first time. I know I bawled and Chris won't admitt it, but he was pretty emotional as well.

It's a girl!

It's a girl!

She's going to be a dancer