Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hardman Park City Trip!

My parents have a condo at the Mountainside Marriott at Park City. We usually have it over UEA but for some reason my parents had it over memorial day weekend and we took advantage! We went up and had a BBQ and hit up the alpine slide. Lydia screamed the whole time..."this is the funnest ride I have ever gone on, waaaahhhhooooo!!!!!"

 Riding the slowest ski lift EVER
 we hadn't been on the alpine slide since before we were was fun! 
 Liddy and Daddy getting ready for the big slide
SO fun! 


This is my favorite pic of her holding on to grandpa's finger

Baby Girl

Baby Girl
This is our baby girl at 16 weeks. It was such an amazing thing to see her moving and count all of her fingers and toes for the first time. I know I bawled and Chris won't admitt it, but he was pretty emotional as well.

It's a girl!

It's a girl!

She's going to be a dancer