Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teddy Bear Tea Party

For Preschool Miss Angie hosted a "Teddy Bear Tea Party" for the kids at the park. They got to decorate cookies, and then did awards for the year. It was so fun, and so cute! 

 Liddy with her teddy bear "Ella" 
 Miss Angie getting ready to give out awards! 

Lydia got the "Best Imagination" fitting for my little bug! 


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This is my favorite pic of her holding on to grandpa's finger

Baby Girl

Baby Girl
This is our baby girl at 16 weeks. It was such an amazing thing to see her moving and count all of her fingers and toes for the first time. I know I bawled and Chris won't admitt it, but he was pretty emotional as well.

It's a girl!

It's a girl!

She's going to be a dancer